Mother fuck-in-g law attack!

I've always admire movies that contain intellectual dialogs and conversations. Some you don't know what they are talking about, and some says what you heart feels. Here's an attempt on writing a short dialog of my own. Before you continue reading, please be advise that it contains explicit and vulgar inputs. For those who have weak hearts, please leave now (Kidding, obviously). Thanks and enjoy reading.

Adam: What's the fucking deal here? I purchase a daughter, and I get the mother for free?

Sales assistant: Yes Sir, the mother comes in a set. You have to take both.

Adam: What the fuck are you talking? I don't need the fucking mother. All I want is just the daughter. Can you please remove the mother.

Sales assistant: I hope I can be more helpful to you but we can't do that Sir, that's our company policy. I'm sorry.

Adam: Company policy?

Sales assistant: Yes Sir, our company policy. It's written in the terms and condition. We have to go by the law, Sir.

Adam: What kind of fucking law is this? MOTHER FUCK-IN-G LAW??!


Well, nothing intellectual. Just a stupid dialog for stupid people who deserves it. Call me nuts but this is STRESS!
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Justin Inc.

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Speaking hokkien!

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Mickey and Minnie

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I have migraine (an extremely severe paroxysmal headache, usually confined to one side of the head and often associated with nausea; hemicrania). It's so terrible sometimes I can't even think straight (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm gay). Paracetamol doesn't work. Shut my eyes or sleep doesn't do any help. I think I need to go for a medical check up soon. Meanwhile, I seek for my personal doctor's advise. And here's a list I should and shouldn't do :-

Shouldn't s :
Consume too much - Coffee, Milk, MSG, Cheese, Chocolate, Alcohol, Hot dogs, Bacons, Nitrite-containing tablets, Luncheon meat, Tea



Should s :
Consume - Free cholesterol fish oil extract, Magnesium-rich foods, such as dark green vegetables, millet, beans and soybean products, Fish oil, Whole grains food, Nut seeds (such as sunflower son, almonds, cashew, hazelnut, etc.), Broccoli, Tofu, Plain water

Regular exercise

Within 50mins using the computer must at least rest 10 mins

Recommended daily intake of 200 mg of magnesium to observe whether there are two months to improve

Thanks Doc!
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Pluck the apple

Just for fun. Ten minutes work. :D

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It's been a while...

Yes, it is. It's been a while. Reasons for not updating regularly: lazy, busy, no inspirations. You name it, it's all in the list.

Just a brief re-cap of my recent so call life - "BUSY".

Friends asked, "Hey, how are you man? How's life lately?".
My reply... "BUSY". Short and sweet ain't it? Yea, fucking "B" to the "U" to the "S" to the "Y"~ BEESAYY~~~~

Time flashes before me like a fucking bullet through my brain where my mind is still in January while my body is actually 10 months ahead. It's the quickening, so they say. It's time to reflect what I'd done for the past months and to recollect my soul. It's been scattered around, I need to gather them back into whole again.

Enough about the busi-ness, it's sickening to even talk about it.

Oh yea, have I told you that I hate old-fashion chinese laws and believes? All the fucking pantang-larang and bullcraps that doesn't make your life any easier. It just pisses me off. From the no wearing black during chinese new years to the yam seng screaming in wedding dinners. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be a chinese but sometimes, I just think it's plain stupid to be practicing that anymore.

When I was young, I listen and do what was told. And so I think that's the way it should be. But as I grow older, I felt that these rules doesn't apply to me anymore. It just seems so annoying! Damn it!

Or maybe I shouldn't take it too seriously. I have a choice to choose what I want to believe.

So, fuck it!

Speaking of childhood, do you know I like collecting childhood pictures of my loved ones? As a kid, you are as pure as it can be and that's the way I want to picture you in my mind. :D

And this is me!

Picture me as what I am now, cause you won't be seeing the good side of me when you see me. I'll be spitting on you, kicking the dirt into your eyes, smacking your back, pulling your underwear and grabbing your balls. >:D
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