Smell of a perfume...

Last night, I was awaken by the smell of a woman's perfume. I thought it was a dream but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. There's no one else using perfumes beside me in my family. And I'm sure I can recognise my own smell. I opened my eyes lying on my bed, took a peep around my room and I saw nothing. I was freaked out so I forced myself back to sleep. Right after I close my eyes, I had nightmares. I couldn't remember what's the dream about but it was a freaky one.

I woke up again the second time and still the smell was there. Feel's like it's just right under my nose. At the moment, I knew something is not right. I prayed and hope it would go away. And again, I forced myself back to sleep. My heart was beating really fast. Feels like my whole room was shaking but it's only my heartbeat. I had to open my eyes again for the third time. Look around again. Nothing there. I was pissed and tired. I was talking to myself, please leave me alone. I'm tired and sleepy. Don't disturb me. Covered my face with my blanket and I dose off to sleep again.

The morning after when I woke up. The smell wasn't there anymore. Looked around my house and see if there's any perfume leaking. Nope, everything is cool. Fuh! what an experience. Please don't come back again. Thank you very much...
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L’Italia è Campione del Mondo...

Finally, the world cup has ended with the glorious win by the Italians!

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The winning shot!

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And a lousy sportsmanship shown by Zidane. As you can see from the video, basically Zidane was pissed cause Materazzi molested his tits...

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Money spent for changing outlooks...

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a : Bleach and highlight(Ash) - RM130
b : Dye(Orange) and Levi's spec - RM400
c : None (Longest I'd ever kept)
d : Cut, highlight(Brown) and a hair product - RM250
e : Dye(Red) - RM50
f : None (Plain John)
g : None (Just tought I look cool)
h : Cut, dye(Blue black) and hair products - RM150

Conclusion - No comment

Note : All pictures taken beginning of the year till now...
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Go Italy!...

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