Rockstar x Jordan Brand - Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Rockstar Games and Jordan Brand celebrate their “digital partnership” with a limited-edition sneaker inspired by the soon-to-be released Midnight Club: Los Angeles video game and the Los Angeles street racing culture. Taking their inspiration from the classic Air Jordan II (2) released in 1987, the sneakers are a custom design using a Jordan Classic 87′ for Rockstar Games styled in red and black with the official Midnight Club “Kanji” symbol emblazoned in red on the tongue. Translated, Kanji means Bayshore - the location on the Japanese coast where street racing started.

The sneakers will come in a custom-made etched acrylic collectors box with a copy of Midnight Club: Los Angeles and together are valued at $380 (RM1,380.65). Only forty pairs will be manufactured and Air Jordan fans and Midnight Club: Los Angeles fans alike can look to win them online on the Rockstar Games Social Club website, or through a promotion with the Foot Action Star Club, as well as through a promotion with long standing partners DUB. There will be no official release in stores, your only way to get these is to win them. Make sure you keep an eye open for Jordan Brand branding in the soon to be released Midnight Club: Los Angeles game too.

In short, can see but cannot touch or even buy! But it's freaking nice!
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